Chapter 1218

Willow Springs, Missouri

Young Eagles and Youth Events

Kaitlyne and Jeffery Rineman attend EAA Air Academy

Kaitlyne and Jeffery Rineman have recently returned from EAA Air Academy.  They received a helicopter ride, flew in a Cessna Sky Catcher, made wooden wing ribs, and toured the EAA Museum.  Kaitlyne got to meet Dick Ratan. Each of them gave a brief presentation about their experiences during Air Academy. They thanked the chapter for the donations that helped them be able to attend the academy.  Brent Humphreys, our young eagles coordinator, reminded members how important it is to complete paperwork for all Young Eagle rides since chapters receive credits toward Air Academy from each young eagles flight.  Summer 2019


Flying Start Program 5-18-19

Our Flying start program was a success.  We had 4 Young Eagles, and 5 Eagles flights, plus other interested future pilots!  Big thanks to all of our CFI's who attended, and to all of the Chapter members who helped to make this event a success! Visit our Gallery for many more pictures of this event.



Aviation Merit Badge University 2018

See our gallery section for more photos of this event. 

Brent Humphreys is our new Young Eagles Coordinator


November, 2018 

Brent Humphreys is our new Young Eagles Coordinator for EAA Chapter 1218.  Brent is shown here with two of the young eagles that he flew in the Ozark Aviators Flying Club airplane before the November 3rd Gathering. Tom Young also flew young eagles that day.

More pictures of this event can be seen in the gallery section of this website. 


Aviation Merit Badge University 2017

On December 2nd, Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1218 members provided area Boy Scouts the opportunity to achieve their Boy Scout Merit Badge in Aviation.


Chapter member Mike Ennis with a hands on "How Airplanes Work". Mike also explained the different pilot certificates.


Chapter member Matt Chatman demonstrating a proper preflight inspection.



One of the Scouts in attendance wanted to set in the recently completed restoration of the EAA Bi Plane.  He wanted to see what it would feel like to set in and move the controls of the airplane with his new knowledge of aircraft and their controls.

See our gallery section for more pictures of this event.





Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge University 2016

Visit our Gallery page for more pictures of this event.

Boy Scout Merit Badge University

December 5, 2015

Boy Scout Merit Badge University presented by chapter members Tom White, Benny Butler, Tom Young, Jim Vokac, and Ragan Callahan.  Visit our picture gallery to see more pictures from this event. 


Eagles and Young Eagles Flights at Open House 9/19/15


Ragan Callahan flew one eagle, and ten young eagle flights on Saturday in Cessna 150FF9-19-15 Open House


  9-19-15 Open House


It was a Great Day for an Airplane Ride!


Ragan Callahan flew several children in 150FF recently at Willow Springs Airport (1h5).  According to Ragan's wife, Sarah, the children are already looking forward to doing it again next year!



7/11/15 Young Eagles and Eagles Flights

EAA 1218 chapter president Tom White flew four young eagles and two eagles flights in his beautiful Cessna 170 this morning during our fly-in pancake breakfast.

In this picture family members are going out to greet one of their young eagles after a fun flight.

Jim Davis of Purple Passion Flights also flew Logan Welch as an Eagle flight for our chapter this morning (see article on the homepage).


Summer School Aviation Field Trip



 On Friday, June 12th, Howell Valley School in West Plains brought around 80 students to the West Plains Regional Airport for an Aviation field trip. Members of the South Central Missouri Pilots Association, EAA Chapter 1218, Jim Jolliff, and West Plains Regional Airport manager Jack Bowman helped with the event.


Students learned about the importance of an Airport in a community from Jack Bowman.  They were introduced to three different airplanes and told about what makes a plane fly, safety, and control surfaces.

Pilots demonstrated take-offs, touch and goes, and landings for the students.  The local Air Evac team also demonstrated hovering, and a take-off for the students.

We hope that we encouraged some young, future pilot to follow his or her dream!  Several young people were heard to say that they wanted to be a pilot when they grow up! 

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success!


Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge Day 12/6/14



  On December 6th, members of the South Central EAA Chapter 1218 hosted twelve Boy Scouts in earning their Aviation Merit Badges. The boys came from all around the area including, Dixon, St. Robert, St. James, West Plains, and Alton. The boys were instructed in Aviation careers by chapter member John Good. Chapter president Tom White discussed control surfaces and the physics of flight. David Johnson instructed the scouts on different types of aviation licenses, ratings, and endorsements. Lindall Baker instructed the scouts on a proper pre-flight inspection of a Cessna 150. Chapter member Jim Vokac taught the scouts how a pilot's inner ear can be tricked into believing that the pilot is moving even when they are not. He also let the scouts experience the "p" factor of a spinning propeller using a large spinning disk on a shaft. Scouts were given a tour of the airport, and were allowed to use the flight simulator. Lastly, the scouts made airplanes in which they could move different control surfaces in order to apply some of the information on control surfaces learned earlier in the day. EAA chapter members, Phyllis White, Lisa Johnson, and Joyce Breesawitz also assisted with the aviation badge program.  Troup leaders Joe Schisler,  George Kambouris, Sandy Jones and Mrs. Woods also attended the program.

Young Eagles Flights



Bill Ghan's Young Eagle's Wings Poem

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