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Willow Springs, Missouri

Chapter Projects

Star Duster Too Gets New Paint


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EAA BiPlane Restoration Takes First Flight on 12-17-18

On Monday, December 17th, the EAA  BiPlane Restoration took its first flight at the Willow Springs, MO airport (1H5) with pilot Mike Ennis at the controls.  This project was donated to EAA Chapter 1218 by the Gene Pascoe family after his death with the stipulation that we restore, finish, and fly this airplane.  Our team of builders have worked many hours on this project and we owe them thanks for their dedication to finish this job.  Click on the links below to view a couple of short videos from the first flight.       EAA BiPlane First Flight      EAA BiPlane First Flight Fly-By 


Gene and Jean Pascoe with the EAA BiPlane in their home shop. 

Pilot Mike Ennis after the successful first flight of the EAA BiPlane.

Star Duster Too Original Builder's Daughter Contacts EAA 1218

As one says, The Lord works in mysterious ways!  A man by the name of Walter Makowski called me today to tell me that the biplane my dad had built back in the late 60’s was being rebuilt by your Chapter1218.  Because my mom and dad were EAA members it was noted in an obituary where my mom had just passed away on March 27 of this year and thus listing me as a daughter.  He took the time to find me over the internet and to explain how he had purchased dad’s biplane in 1987.  My dad had developed Parkinson’s Disease and was no longer able to fly and made the heart breaking decision that it was time to sell his biplane. My dad passed away on February 12, 1999.   Walter Makowski said he owned dad’s biplane for a couple of years and then sold it to Kent (not sure of his last name).  He said if I was interested in seeing photos of dad’s biplane being rebuilt to go to your web site, which I did.   In looking at the photos posted, it brought tears to my eyes knowing how much his biplane meant to him and to see all these Chapter 1218 members giving of their time to restore Lil Lulu,  Starduster Too, as we called her!

I just got off the phone with Thomas White and ask if it would be ok if I sent you two articles that I had which I thought you might find interesting.  If for any reason you would like to see the photos that were taken while my dad was building his biplane back in the 60’s let me know.  Also I have a video when dad flew the Starduster Too for the first time!

I hope you enjoy reading the two articles attached as I look forward to watching you rebuild the “Starduster Too” !      Sincerely, Charlene Giltner O'Connell
See the Gallery Section for pictures of Newspaper articles that Charlene O'Connell Sent with this message.

The Chapter Hanger Building Project

View many pictures of the chapter 1218 hanger being built in the flickr folder in the link below.





Ground breaking Ceremony 2004. 








Concrete floor: Ron White, Doc Openshaw, Kent Clotfelter, Bob Bohemier, Benny Butler
August 17, 2004






Doors were installed  October 19, 2005. 

Wright Flyer Project




Bill Ghan is shown above on the day that the Wright Flyer took to the air and flew 12-17-2003, and to the right during the move of the Wright Flyer from the old terminal building to the new terminal building at the Springfield airport.





 Wright Flyer Pilot, Don Nevels posed with the plane during the move from the old to the new Springfield terminal building.



Pietenpol Project

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Zenith Zodiac 601 Project


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Bridge Project


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Gene Pascoe's EAA Biplane Project


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