Chapter 1218

Willow Springs, Missouri

Jan. 2019


January 12, 2019, thirty six members braved the icy, winter wonderland to enjoy potluck chili and soups at the noon gathering. The cooks were thanked for the great dishes. Remember the donation jar. A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Benny Butler and approved by members present. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. Dues are now due.

President White asked in anyone objected to the alumni using the facility again for the annual Memorial weekend festivities May 24 & 25, 2019. There were no objections. Ron White remains in Willow Care but has been moved to the dementia unit.

Save the date: the annual fly-in/camp-out will be held June 7-9. We are hoping to have a STOL completion. The MPA State convention will be hosted by the local chapter and held June 14-15 in West Plains this year.

Our sympathy to State Treasurer Floyd Deidiker and family due to the loss of his mother this week.

Thanks to all the members that participated in the EAA annual survey. Our overall rating was improved over the previous year. Some comments were confusing regarding encouraging new leadership but there has not been anyone wanting to step into any leadership positions, wanting program speakers, etc. Who is willing to solicit?

Secretary Phyllis White is submitting a Gene Pascoe biplane completion article to EAA. After viewing the chapter video magazine about the EAA $10,000 Ray Scholarship, there was discussion about local aviation opportunities, scholarships and training. Charlie Becker stated the first action needed is to name a scholarship coordinator. There is the free STEM class AOPA program for high schools. President White has contacted Willow Springs School Superintendent Bill Hall, School Board President Tony Friga and High School Principal Marty Spence about implementing the program. Local CFI Chase Foster would like to pursue the A & P certification by being an apprentice.

Wendell Bailey announced there is some interest again to use the vacant MODOT building as a transportation hub school focusing on diesel and aviation mechanics. School funding is a problem. There will be a STEM workshop Wednesday evening at the Ferguson Building, Willow Springs with several area educators. Mike Ennis said there are programs with UPS and FedEx also.

Our chapter has a $2500 scholarship available. A chapter member is willing to provide a $2000 for an individual to pursue their instrument rating. Chase Foster now has five flight training students. We are beginning round two of our benefactor donations. A Citabria, a 150 and a project J-5 and PA-12 are being donated. The February 9 gathering will be a noon Valentine themed Italian potluck with chocolate desserts. A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by Tom Young and approved by members.


Feb. 2019

February 9, 2019 43 members and guests enjoyed the noon Italian potluck before President White called the short business meeting to order. Several guests and new member Trent McBride were acknowledged. The cooks were thanked for the great meal. A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Wendell Bailey, second by Bob Brantley and approved. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board.

Prior to submitting our application for the Ray Scholarship, a scholarship coordinator was required. Brent Humphreys has agreed to the position.

Wendell Bailey asked President White to attend the January S.O.A.R. (Southern Ozarks Alliance for Rural Development) meeting of several area educators. He spoke to them about the AOPA You Can Fly STEM courses offered free of charge to high schools. The application deadline for the 2019-2020 school years is February 28.

The MPA State Convention will be hosted this year by local chapter 20, (the largest in the state) June 21 and 22. It will be held in West Plains. President White encouraged all members of both organizations to chip in and attend.

The March 9 gathering will be noon potluck. An invitation from EAA to display the Starduster Too during Air Venture 2019 was read. Special perks were offered including display space at the Brown Arch. Hopefully, the plane will be ready by July to participate. Volunteers are needed for the June 7-9 fly-in/camp-out planning and implementation.

Mike White reported Ron is unable to walk. He will celebrate his 81st birthday February 17th . Phyllis White asked members to donate discarded items for the Hutton Valley Neighborhood Watch yard sale in April. The historical building is in need of a new roof. A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Young, second by Benny Butler.

March 2019

March 9, 2019 EAA Chapter 1218 Forty nine members and guests enjoyed the lunch potluck before chapter president Tom White called the business meeting to order. Members viewed the Flying Start video and a portion of the chapter video magazine. Several guests and new members were welcomed including Joseph Hart, John Niesen, Stan Dennison, Bob Fischer, Charlie Nelson and Jeff and LeRoy Martin. The cooks were thanked for the great lunch. A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Hook and approved by members present. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. A reminder that Monday is aircraft workday. All are welcome. Current projects are the Starduster Too and “Matilda” the Citabria. A windshield is on order and the new motor mounts have been installed. May 18 is International Learn to Fly Day and our first Flying Start event. We have posters and business cards to distribute to schools and anyone interested. Prior to the event, we will need a complete contact list of area CFI’s and aircraft available for flight training. A signup sheet for volunteer duties was passed around. All area pilots are encouraged to attend and give support to anyone interested in beginning flight training. As most members were aware, we as a chapter applied for the Ray Aviation Scholarship. President White thanked Glenda Ennis, Brent Humphreys, Bill Ghan, Tom Young and Phyllis White for completing a winning application. New chapter member Trent McBride was introduced. He is a senior at Eminence High School, has over thirty college hours completed and will be attending School of the Ozarks. Our chapter will be awarding Trent the $10,000 scholarship. Congratulations Trent! EAA is implementing a Chapter Recognition Program for 2019. There will be one pointed awarded for meeting each of the criteria points for a total of ten points. Chapters scoring seven out of ten points will be publicly recognized by EAA. We scored nine out of ten in 2018 because we did not offer a VMC or IMC Club program. We now are forming a VMC Club with Benny Butler as Program Coordinator. Paul Guiley has volunteered as the associated CFI and Tom Young, Brent Humphreys and Ron Hook are founding members. Anyone interested, the meetings will follow the monthly chapter gatherings. Plans are underway for the fly-in/camp-out June 7-9 th. Volunteers are needed throughout the weekend. The MPA State Convention will be hosted by the largest chapter in the state; the South Central Chapter. The convention will be in West Plains, June 21-23 at the civic center and West Plains Airport. The April 13 gathering will be burger cookout at 4 PM. Members will bring potluck sides and desserts. Glenda Ennis made a motion to purchase a new gas grill before the event, second by Troy Witte and approved by members. Lloyd Darter said he has a slightly used one he will donate. Thanks to Lloyd. A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by Brent Humphreys.

April 2019

4-13-19 Forty six members enjoyed grilled burgers and potluck sides before the business meeting was called to order. The Chapter Video Magazine was viewed. Cliff Kinkade was thanked for grilling and Lloyd Darter was thanked for donating the grill. The cooks were thanked for the variety of sides and desserts. The minutes were approved as published; motion by Henny Christensen, second by Paul Guilley and approved. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. Our Ray Scholarship recipient, Trent McBride mowed the grass runway. Berlin Batesel rolled it. Allan Rhineman’s children, Kaitlyn & Jeffery have been accepted to attend EAA Air Academy. With the camperships they were awarded, they are about $500 short of paying their fees. President White asked if any members could help out. A member gave Treasurer John Bailey a check for $500 earmarked for their fee. Thank you anonymous donor. The Willow Springs Airport will be 70 on July 10. Be thinking of ways to celebrate. April 27 will be the annual pancake breakfast at Gimlin. Poplar Bluff will also have a pancake breakfast and safety seminar May 11. Preparation is under way for the Flying Start, May 18 and the fly-in/camp-out June 7-9. Volunteers are needed to clean up the grounds. Charlie Nelson and Joe Hart have volunteered so far. Mower volunteers are needed. Trent, Allan, Brent, Joe and John B volunteered. Willow Spring is hosting the first Hawthorn Festival on May 4. The chapter has been offered free booth space. It would be an ideal opportunity to promote the Flying Start event coming up May 18. Volunteers are needed. A sample maroon polo shirt was shown as new chapter apparel. The cost including embroidery will be approximately $20. The May 11 gathering will be Mexican potluck at 4PM. The flyable donated airplanes have been moved out of the EAA’s name. The Citabria is in the Llc and will be available for rent. The annual on the 150 is in process. New chapter member John Niesen (A & P) has been assisting. We appreciate his assistance. He would like to pursue his IA certification. President White said it has been a busy year for local aviation. Just over one year ago, the Ozark Aviators Flying Club was formed. Pat Storm put a lot of effort into getting it off the ground. But, now she is relocating. We will all miss her. The Jerry L Smith Scholarship of $2500 is being awarded to new chapter member Joe Hart. He has flown with Mike Ennis, Brent Humphreys and Troy Witte. A member has donated $5000 to give Joe the opportunity to purchase Pat’s membership in the flying club and to pay monthly dues. Joe has joined the chapter and national and has joined MPA. Given the opportunity he will be an asset to the local aviation community. Joe wants to share his love of flying with others. Congratulations Joe! Thanks to all the faithful members who support the next generation of pilots and wish to pass it on. Sharon Vaughn reported the MPA State Convention will be held in West Plains, June 22-24. Friday evening there will be a meal at Floyd & Pat Deidiker home. Saturday the business portion of the convention including vendors will be in the civic center starting at 9AM. A fish fry is planned for Saturday evening at Floyd’s hangar and a pancake breakfast is planned for Sunday morning. . Out of town members receive a special rate at the Holiday Inn Express in West Plains. The convention registration fee is only $20. Sharon urges early registration so she will know how many supplies to order. Treasurer John Bailey reported there are a few members that have not paid their 2019 dues of $20. Bob Coats announced he and a few Cabool pilots will give the Cabool High School graduates a flight after graduation, May 5, The VMC Club held the inaugural meeting immediately following adjournment.

May 2019

May 11, 2019: EAA Chapter 1218 thirty five members enjoyed Mexican potluck before the business meeting was called to order. The cooks were thanked. The mowing crew was thanked. Joe Hart and Allan Rineman set up an informational booth at the Hawthorn Festival. Thank you for both for giving the chapter more exposure. Our Ray Scholarship recipiient Trent McBride has soloed on April 25 at thirteen hours. Our chapter scholarship recipient Joe Hart has flown with Chase Foster May 5, 7 and 9th. Maroon embrodered logo chapter shirts are available for $20. See Phyllis White to order. Lodging is currently still available for Air Venture 2019. The Starduster Too has been invited to return to Air Venture 2019. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Henny Christensen, second by Bob Coats and approved. The current financial report is posted on the bulletin board. If you have not paid your 2019 dues, please do so. Flyinhg Start will be May 18, beginning at 9 AM. Bob Coats, Joe Hart, Bill Ghan, John Bailey, Paul Guiley, Tom Young, Brent Humphreys and David and Lisa Johnson have volunteered. Light refreshments will be available. The EAA Biplane is listed on Barnstormers for $21,000. There will be no June gathering due to the Fly-In/Camp-Out scheduled for Juse 7-9. Volunteers are needed. The July 13 gathering will be breakfast potluck at 9 AM. The Willow Springs Airport will be seventy in July. A future date will be set for an anniversary celebration. The 4 th of July celebration will begin with the annual parade at 1o AM followed by a picnic cookout at the hangar including burgers, hot dogs, homemade ice cream, apple pie and watermelon. Eleven Point Fire Department will have fireworks at dusk. Due to high costs, this will be their last year. Ozark Aviators Flying Club now has the Cessna 150. Rental rates will be set at their next meeting. The Citabria is ready for rental through the LLC. Pilots will need a tailwheel endorsement and rental insurance. The Springfield News-Leader “This Week in Ozarks History” featured a1960s photo of Norwood High School students and a “flying saucer” built in a class instructed by our own Master Builder Bill Ghan. Bob Coats announced he and two other Cabool pilots flew 42 members of the senior class following their graduation. Only two had ever flown before. He and Carol have been planning the 50th Anniversay Cessna 170 celebration to be held in Wichita. Bob will receive the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award during the convention. MPA State Conventon will be June 21 & 22 at West Plains. Motion to adjourn was made by Paul Guiley, second by Tom Young and approved.

July 2019

July 13, 2019 Forty-three members and guests enjoyed breakfast before President Tom White called the business meeting to order. The cooks were thanked for the meal and members were reminded to donate to the jar. Thank you, Tom Young for donating the sausage patties and sausage links. John Bailey said thank you to Tom & Phyllis for all they do for the chapter. Henny was thanked for donating the projection screens. A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny, second by Benny and approved. The current financial report is posted on the bulletin board. Extra expenses include the outdoor shower and new hot water heater. When presented with the scholarship application for Elane Bayless, the funds were not there to award her a scholarship. The executive board made the decision to move $2,500 from the general funds to the scholarship column. With the $20,000 donation in December, we have funds to use as necessary. Elane is a new member of our chapter and engaged to James Ennis. They are moving to Kirksville for James to attend med school. They plan to stay active in the chapter and return to the area after school. Our Ray Aviation Scholarship recipient Trent McBride passed his check ride on June 27th. He is the first to finish and in just over ninety days. Brent said Trent had a great team behind him and thanks to all that supported his journey. Trent was unable to join us for the meeting due to basketball camp obligations with The School of the Ozarks. Trent will have approximately $800 of his scholarship funds remaining to use for whatever aviation expenses he may have. The same week Trent took his check ride, so did Elane and James passed his ATP. Hannah had one of her students also pass his check ride the same week. Joe Hart is continuing his training and John Niesen is no longer a rusty pilot. Lots of aviation activities have been happening with our chapter. Our new chapter member Cinch Liggett has had two hours instruction. He plans to be a tail wheel and sail plane pilot. He is thirteen. Lisa said we appeared to be the most active chapter on Facebook the last two months. John Bailey said the Ozarks Aviators Flying Club is going great. The 172 has been flown over 230 hours, the Citabrai over 10 and the 150 20-30 hours. Chapter secretary Phyllis announced last call for chapter shirts. Get your order in very soon. Members attending Air Venture will look great in their chapter logo shirts and are encouraged to wear their name tags. The MPA State Convention in West Plains was one of the best in years. Our EAA chapter had a table during the convention. Joe Hart and Cinch manned the table. Our goal was to increase awareness for EAA and to show there are younger people interested in aviation. Thank you, Joe and Cinch. Air Venture is coming up July 21-27. After hosting the Flying Start event in May, the chapter was awarded two wristbands for admission. President White asked how we wanted to use those. Tom Young announced the remaining executive board go together and decided to offer them to us. We thank the chapter for the support and will definitely use them. Kaitlyne and Jeffery Rineman have recently returned from Air Academy. They received a helicopter ride, flew in a Sky Catcher, made wooden ribs and toured the museum. Kaitlyne met Burt Ratan, Voyager flight. Kaitlyne said she would like to attend each year. They thanked the chapter for the donation that helped enable them to go. Brent Humphreys, Young Eagle Coordinator reminded members how important it is to complete paperwork for all Young Eagle rides since chapters receive credits toward Air Academy from each Young Eagle flight. Former scholarship recipient Jeremy Myers has been featured in the Missouri Rural Electric magazine this month. He has been concentrating on his banjo building business since returning from Alaska and has not been financially able to fly at this time. Tom Dills, Alton is no longer a rusty pilot thanks to flying with Mike Ennis. Mike donated his $100 fee to the scholarship fund. Thank you to Mike. We are still hoping the Starduster Too may be ready to go to Oshkosh. That plane was in attendance 50 years ago and would be awarded a special place at the Brown Arch. The August gathering will be burgers and hotdogs provided by the chapter and member potluck sides. We will eat at 5 and have a business meeting following. The chapter video magazine was viewed. A motion to adjourn was made by Paul Guilley, second by Benny Butler and approved. A short VMC meeting was held.

August 2019

August 10, 2019 Eighty members and guests enjoyed the burger cookout before the evening business meeting was called to order. The cooks were thanked for the great sides and desserts. President White reminded members to donate to the jar to offset the meal cost incurred by the chapter. The VMC video question was viewed. Discussion to follow the business meeting. A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Hook and approved. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. Trent McBride was presented with the Lightspeed Zulu headset as part of the Ray Scholarship award. Carl Everhart totaled his beautiful L bird between Cabool and Houston. During Air Venture David & Lisa visited with Zach Taylor from Texas. He flew a Baby Ace to Oshkosh. He flew with a paper chart and under 1000’. It was one of the aircraft invited back after fifty years. They invited him to stop in Willow as a rest stop on his return flight. He came in and Tom took him to lunch and gave him the “tour”. Tom and Phyllis White really appreciate being awarded the armbands for Air Venture. Thank you to all the members. Annual meeting and election of officers is held in October. All current officers are willing to continue but anyone interested in a position should contact the nominating committee: Bill Ghan, Jerry Pfister and Allan Rineman. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. The Willow Springs Municipal Airport is seventy this year. A celebration cookout will be held at the pilot’s lounge Saturday, September 7 at noon. Former resident and retired Ozark Airline pilot Don Tate will be the featured speaker. Don Anderson will also reminisce about working with his dad Andy at the airport in the 50s. All are invited to attend. Ozark Aviators Flying Club has a Cessna 150 for rent. You do not need to be a club member to take advantage of this rental at $85 per hour wet. There is a Citabria rental available through the LLC for tail wheel flying. It is $85 per hour, dry and you provide nonowner insurance. Area instructors include Chase Foster, Paul Guiley and Ron Hook. The September 14 gathering will be burgers, hot dogs and brats cookout at 5 PM. Members are to bring potluck sides and desserts. A highlights of Air Venture 2019 video was shown. A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by David Johnson.

September 2019

September 14, 2019 Forty-three members and guests enjoyed burgers and brats prior to the business meeting. President White thanked the cooks for the potluck sides and desserts. Dennis and Linda Weatherford and Joe Hart’s girlfriend Tabitha were welcomed. It is great to have Sandy Smith back with us. Clint Allen would like his aviation friends to visit him at Brooke Haven, Room #117. Thank you to Mike Ennis for flying a Young Eagle prior to the gathering. A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Hook and approved. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. The latest edition of Sport Aviation has an article about the Ray Scholarship, Trent McBride and our chapter. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Jerry Smith Scholarship has a $500 donation. The Howell County News and the Summersville Beacon each have a story about the Willow Springs Airport’s 70th birthday celebration. The birthday cookout was attended by over one hundred in attendance. Don Anderson, Don Nevels and Don Tate spoke about the early years at the airport. The VMC question was posted on the screen for later discussion. Bill Ghan gave the slate of officers to be voted on at the annual meeting in October. All current officers are willing to continue. Also, nominations will be accepted from the floor. The October 12 gathering will be noon potluck. The MPA Poker Run is scheduled for October 5th. A motion to donate a $50 fuel certificate prize was made by Troy Witte, second by Joe Hart and approved. Secretary Phyllis White has e-mailed the biplane sale poster to all the EAA chapters in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas. The StardusterToo should also be ready to sell. The video magazine was viewed. Highlights were the new online builders log, the tool crib and the announcement that instead of after ten flights, all Young Eagle credits are credited back to the chapter. A motion to adjourn was made by John Good, second by Paul Guiley and approved.

October 2019

October 12, 2019 Forty-five members and guests enjoyed the lunch potluck before President White called the business meeting to order. The cooks were thanked for providing the great meal. Guests Santos and Shirley Rodriquez and Andrew Benefield were welcomed. Jane Bailey announced the upcoming events at the Star Theater: 10/19 Country Music Show, 10/25 free movie night, 10/26 Southern Orchestra Spooktacular concert. Henny Christensen made a motion to approve the minutes as published, second by Lisa Johnson and approved. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. There was a $200 cash donation the scholarship fund last month and an anonymous donation pledged today for $250. Thank you to all. The VMC question was posted on the screen for later discussion. There is a link on Flickr to the 70th birthday celebration for the airport. The videos are there along with the still shots. If anyone has any chapter gathering program ideas, please see Phyllis White. There are a few chapter shirts available; cost is $20. Charter chapter member Clint Allen is in Brooke Haven with end of life treatment status. Longtime area aviator Etcyl Smith recently passed away. Etcyl was involved with the local flying club in the 60s. There is no measurable change in Ron White’s status. He would welcome visitors at Willow Care. Monday is project workday. All are welcome. To conserve on electricity, there will be no workdays during the really cold winter days. The EAA Biplane and Starduster Too are ready for sale. October is the annual election of officers. Nominating committee member Bill Ghan announced there had been no volunteers to come forward. President White called for nominations from the floor; there were none. A motion was made by Brent, second by Henny to accept the present officers slate by acclimation. Motion approved. The November 2nd gathering will be noon crockpot/soup potluck. The November date is the first Saturday due to the second Saturday is the first day of firearm deer season. Troy and Vicki Witte recently attended the Maule Factory Open House in Georgia. Troy has serial #19. They were disappointed to see serial #1 stored, unrestored in their factory. Andrew Benefield has a Bose headset for sale $600 to any chapter member. The chapter video magazine was viewed. The Ray Scholarship application process opens November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020. We need a new candidate. Also mentioned on the video is the new tool crib opportunity, EAA builder’s log and chapter leadership training. A motion to adjourn was made by Brent Humphreys, second by Ron Hook and approved.

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