Chapter 1218

Willow Springs, Missouri

December 2018

December 8, 2018 EAA Chapter 1218 Annual Christmas Dinner and Awards Presentation

President White thanked the cooks and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. The delicious traditional Christmas dinner was enjoyed by fifty six members and guests.

President White called the business meeting to order. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Henny Christensen, second by Benny Butler and approved by members. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. The January 12th gathering will be soup, chili and crock pot potluck at noon.

The 2018chapter awards were presented to Tom White, President, Tom Young Vice President, Phyllis White, Secretary, John Bailey, Treasurer, News Letter Editor and Web Editor, Lisa Johnson, Flight Advisor, Ron Hook and Technical Counselor, Berlin Batesel. The Monday Work Team members were recognized for their dedication to chapter projects. Those present were Bill Ghan, Berlin Batesel, Ronnie Epps, Sonny McMurtrey, Jerry Pfister and Tom Young. Not present was John Good.

The chapter has been blessed with a generous anonymous donation of $20,000. Thank you so much to our donor. It’s our responsibility to promote aviation in our area. We have the most active and largest Missouri Pilot’s Association Chapter. And, our Ozark Aviators Flying Club is almost one year old.

Cheryl Butler donated a leather jacket to be raffled off. The jacket was originally owned by charter chapter member Willis Short. Henny Christensen was the lucky winner. And, it fit perfectly.

Member Ron White is still recuperating at Willow Care. Ron Weldon visited right before the gathering. He is improving daily and visitors are welcome. Clint Allen now lives at Lamplight, Locust Street just off Grace Avenue, West Plains. He is no longer allowed to drive and a guardian has been appointed.

A motion to adjourn was made by John Bailey, second by Paul Guiley and approved by members present.

Nov 2018

November 3, 2018

Fifty plus members and guests enjoyed the potluck lunch. Several Young Eagles and their families joined us for lunch. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited prior to President Tom White calling the business meeting to order. The cooks were thanked for the delicious lunch.

A motion to approve the October minutes as published was made by Brent Humphreys, second by Kent Clotfelter and approved by members. President White asked for approval of the September minutes since it was missed at the last meeting. A motion to approve was made by Henny Christensen, second by Kent Clotfelter and approved. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. It is about time for annual chapter dues. They are $20 per family.

Jeffery Rineman, Tom White’s Young Eagle from last year was introduced. He has completed the first three volumes of the Sporty’s Learn to Fly course which qualified him to receive a first free flight lesson. He visited Aurora Aviation on Friday, November 2 for his lesson. Congratulations Jeffery.

Member Brent Humphreys was introduced as the new chapter Young Eagle Coordinator. He said he was “voluntold”, ha. Earlier in the day, four Eagles and fourteen Young Eagles were flown by Brent and Tom Young.

The annual Boy Scout Merit Badge University is quickly approaching. Volunteers are John Bailey, Benny Butler, Brent Humphreys, Jerry Fuller, Ron Weldon, possibly Paul Guiley and Chase Foster. President White reminded any members participating must complete the Youth Protection Training and background check.

The December 8 gathering will be our Christmas dinner and awards ceremony. Come as early as 4 with dinner served at 5 PM. Secretary Phyllis White will contact members with the menu items needed. The Whites will bake a turkey and smoke another one. Ron Weldon will bring cornbread and a dessert, Paul and Earnestine Guiley will bring a ham and Sue L’Hommedieu will prepare dressing. Absent today are Janet Brantley and Cheryl Butler. They usually bring the mashed potatoes and a green bean casserole.

S.O.A.R, Bolivar would like to tell us about their program. They are training missionary pilots and A & Ps. If enough members are interested they would like to be scheduled in early 2019.

President White gave an update on Ron White. He no longer has c-Diff. He remains in Willow Care, Highway 76, Willow Springs. Several members have visited him. John Smith said he seems to be improving daily.

The November video magazine was viewed.

A motion to adjourn was made by John Good, second by Ron Weldon and approved by members present.

Oct 2018

October 13, 2018, 47 members and guests enjoyed the lunch crock pot potluck followed by a short video clip from Mo Rocca, CBS TV’s Innovation Nation episode about Ford Motor Company, Willow Run Plant and building the B24s during World War II. At peak there were over 40,000 employees and were able to complete an aircraft every sixty three minutes. Portions of the October Video Magazine were also viewed. With Lionel Smith in attendance, President White asked for a show of hands of those having flown with him. Nine raised their hands. Lionel announced there will be a fly in at his field near Ironton (Dove MO81) in the future.

President Tom White thanked the cooks for the delicious meal.

President White apologized for not appointing a nominating committee and announcing a slate of officers at a prior meeting. He spoke to the current officers and all are willing to continue another year. A call for nominations from the floor did not receive any response. A motion to elect the current officers was made by Glenda Ennis, second by Ron Hook and approved by members present.

Ron White is now recuperating at Willow Care Nursing Home on Highway 76 in Willow Springs.

October 19 and 20, Jim Davis (cancer survivor that has flown a cancer patient in all of the lower forty eight states)) has invited members to his Airpark fly-in near Tecumseh.

The Boy Scout Merit Badge University is usually held the first Saturday in December. If you wish to volunteer; you must have completed the EAA Youth Protection background check.

Congratulations to members Jerry Fuller, James Bell, Conway Hawn, Tom Young, Troy Witte and Brent Humphreys. Jerry completed his check ride last Saturday. James Bell soloed on Tuesday. James is new member Paul Guiley’s student. Conway Hawn will go for his check ride soon. Tom Young is now a multi engine pilot. Troy has his tail wheel endorsement. Brent Humphreys has passed his instructor instrument exam.

The November gathering will be the first Saturday of the month to accommodate those wishing to participate in opening day of deer season the second Saturday. The gathering will be lunch crock pot soups, chili and potluck, Noon November 3rd .

The chapter project biplane has a potential buyer member Paul Guiley. The Starduster Too fabric and seam tape have been completed.

In January the FAA will issue notice of proposed rulemaking plans to increase the weight for most Light Sport Aircraft to almost 3600 pounds. EAA Chairman Jack Pelton announced at the AOPA Regional FlyIn, Carbondale, IL that you will be able to fly in a 172, have four seats in the airplane and fly 150 MPH. Brent Humphreys said it may take up to two years for the rule to take effect but it is exciting news.

Chapter member Bill Ghan presented President Tom and Secretary Phyllis White with an original oil painting of a DC3 with D Day stripes. Thank you so much Bill.

A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by Ed Walker and approved by members.

Sept 2016

September 8, 2018 Twenty nine members and guests enjoyed the brats, hotdogs and potluck sides at noon before the chapter business meeting. Ron White offered use of his grill until we purchase a new one for the chapter. The prices should be more reasonable this fall. The cooks were thanked for the great dishes provided. Members Cheryl Butler and Eddie Young went all out with their dessert creations. Cheryl created melon creatures and Eddie stenciled the EAA logo on brownies.

President White gave an update on Ron White’s condition. His condition following the vehicle accident is slowly improving but there is much therapy to go. Drew Adams was not able to complete his flight training before reporting to basic training. He has one hour of instruction and six solo hours to go. He will attempt completion on leave after basic. Eddie Young is working on completing his private pilot certification. The 2018 EAA Air Venture Brown Arch member photo is on page 99 of the current issue of Sport Aviation. Tom and Phyllis White are down front and center right behind Aviore.

Monday workday report: The brakes have finally arrived for the EAA Biplane.

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Benny Butler, second by Ron Weldon and approved. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board.

Benny and Cheryl Butler are progressing on their building project. They will start on the fuselage this week.

The Missouri Pilot’s Association South Central Chapter will host the Annual Poker Run, Saturday, October 6. A motion to donate a $50 fuel prize from the chapter was made by Tom Young, second by David Johnson and approved by members. Hopefully the city will also make a donation.

September 21 & 22 will be Zenith Open Hangar Days and Fly-In, Mexico, Missouri.

The Boy Scout Merit Badge University is usually held the first Saturday in December. President White has asked for volunteers to begin preparing for the event. Tom Young and Benny Butler and Mike Ennis always do an outstanding job but more help is needed. To be a participant, you must complete the EAA background check.

John Bailey thanked President White for doing so much of the mowing this year. Bill Ghan, Jerry Pfister and Bill Ghan also mowed.

The October gathering will be noon crockpot soups.

A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Young, second by John Smith and approved.

Aug 2018

August 11, 2018 EAA Chapter 1218 burgers and potluck noon gathering.

Fifty two members and guests were present. Video highlights of Air Venture were shown during the meal.

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Benny Butler, second by Jerry Pfister and approved by members present. The monthly financial report is posted by the coffee pot. 

There is some interest in purchasing the biplane. New brakes are needed before the sale.

Member Drew Adams completed his first short cross country to Willow Springs and asked Tom to sign his logbook. He is hoping to obtain his private pilot certificate before reporting to active duty with the Navy at the end of the month. Richard Shelton is no longer a rusty pilot. The Independence, Kansas EAA Chapter lost four people in an accident at Ponca City, Oklahoma recently. Jack Carrell, Moody had to put his 140 down in a field near Pomona.

Please take the time to read the notice with the oil painting Bill Ghan has on display. Great story and painting; congratulations Bill!

President Tom White asked what the member highlights were during Air Venture 2018. Mentioned was Draco at the Twilight Flight Fest STOL completion, WomenVenture Celebrating Pilots with Heather Penney, Tammie Jo Shults, and several female US Air Force officers speaking at Theater in the Woods, the war birds and vintage tram tours. 2019 looks to be a big fifty year celebration and the Normandy reenactment.

Volunteers are needed to repair a leak in the roof ridge cap. Also an ovehead light near the coffee pot needs to be replaced.

Zenith Fly In, Mexico, MO is September 21 and 22. Lincoln, MO is celebrating 50 years on September 8.

The September 8 gathering will be lunch brats, hot dogs and potluck sides.

A motion to adjourn was made by Henny Christensen, second by Benny Butler and approved.

July 2018

July 14, 2018 Forty plus members, several from the newly formed EAA Chapter#1609, Bolivar and two guests from the Mansfield area enjoyed breakfast before President Tom White called the business meeting to order. The cooks were thanked and members were reminded to donate to the chapter jar. Most of the food prepared was donated by the Legion Post from the Legion Riders event in June.

The financial report is posted on the bulletin board. The chapter received $150.00 from the WS Alumni Association for the use of the hangar in May. The alumni enjoyed the facility so much they would like to come back next Memorial weekend. Phyllis White asked if the alumni association could use the facility again then. Brent Humphreys motioned to allow use next year, second by John Bailey and approved. The fly-in/camp-out was deemed a success. Donations were very good and the chapter is making progress. Several EAA members from the Batesville/Cave City area camped and all were very complimentary. The Legion Riders event was not considered a success. The American Legion agreed to pay the chapter $80 for the building use. The Legion received an average of $2.47 from each ride participant.

A motion to approve the published minutes from May was made by John Bailey, second by Benny Butler and approved.

The 20th anniversary of the chapter was celebrated the afternoon of July 4. Attendance was very good. Earlier in the day, the White family participated in the WS parade and invited the public to the 20th celebration. Lunch was great smoked meat prepared by Ron White with assistance from Seth Whittington and Benny Butler. Thanks to Ron White for donating the ribs, brisket and ham. Members provided the side dishes and desserts. Members enjoyed the homemade ice cream prepared by Tom and Phyllis White. One of the camp-out attendees from the Batesville area flew up for the day and delivered three wonderful Cave City watermelons!

New chapter member Eddie Young soloed June 23 during the Legion Riders breakfast. They were playing the national anthem just as he was getting out of the plane. Not everyone receives such a reception. Congratulations Eddie!

Saturday, July 21, the MPA will present Mike Pace with his Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. The presentation was originally scheduled for an EAA meeting earlier in the year but the FAA found it necessary to postpone it. There will also be a FAA safety seminar.

During the Fly-in/camp-out the chapter grill caught fire and no longer functions. A flat top grill was purchased. It was used during the campout, Legion Riders meals and for pancakes for today’s meeting.

The August gathering will be noon burgers and potluck sides. That will be another chance to use the new flat top grill.

Prior to the camp-out several inquiries were received about shower availability. It would be great to have one installed before next June.

A card received by the city was read. A family driving through town during the fly-in/camp-out stopped on the east side of the runway to watch the aviation activity. Members of the Ozark Aviators Flying Club invited their young son to sit in an airplane and look around the club hangar. Club and Chapter member Brent Humphreys gave the two year old a toy Cessna 182. The family said “thank you for fostering a community that is willing to take time from their day and spend it showing a little boy the wider world.”

Chapter #1609, Bolivar invited members to their breakfast held on the 4th Saturday monthly.

Chapter workdays are now on Monday, all are invited to participate.

Rory Lozano announced his simulator with X plane is deceased. He is working on a replacement.

A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by Ed Walker and approved by members present

May 2018

May 12, 2018 forty one members and guests celebrated Cinco de Mio with a Mexican themed 4 PM potluck. The cooks were thanked for the great variety and delicious dishes.

President Tom White announced chapter member Drew Adams has qualified individual golf for the state championship. Chapter member Richard Shelton has passed his flight physical. A slideshow provided by Glenda Ennis was shown of the April 28 Gimlin pancake breakfast and other fly-in destinations. The Ennis family and Tom Young (flying his newly acquired twin) also flew to several fly-ins that day. Fellow aviator Chase Foster was in a serious accident recently. After almost two weeks at Mercy, Springfield, he has been released. Chase recently obtained his commercial and multi engine certification at Aeroism, Sanford, FL. He is now also a CFI.

A motion was made by Lisa Johnson, second by John Bailey to approve the minutes as published. The Treasurer’s report is posted on the bulletin board. Chapter member Robert Palmer purchased the project for $500.

Secretary Phyllis White asked to use the hangar October 6 for a class reunion. Motion to approve the request was made by Ron Weldon, second by Tom Young.

Our June 8-10 fly-in/camp-out is coming up very quickly. Volunteers are need to spruce up before the event, kitchen help, spot landing judging and more. We have fish fryers from Seth Whittington, Benny Butler and Drew Adams but help is needed for preparation. John Bailey will be available to assist with breakfast. There will be live music both evenings with a fish fry Saturday evening. There will be no business meeting in June.

Our chapter will be 20 years old this year. A public celebration is planned for July 4th . Ron White has volunteered to prepare smoked meats. Benny Butler will assist. More details to follow.

Neal Sowers will be in on Tuesday, May 15 to inspect the Pascoe biplane. Burger cookout at noon is planned.

April 2018

April 14, 2018 - burger cookout, 4 PM forty five members in attendance.

President Tom White thanked Cliff Kinkade for grilling the burgers and the cooks for the side dishes and desserts. 2018 Missouri airport directories are now available. Tuesday, April 17 is MPA State Aviation Day, Jefferson City.

The minutes were approved, motion by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Hook. Treasurer John Bailey reported the financial report is posted on the bulletin board.

Mike Ennis announced any funds he receives from members for biannual flight reviews or being checked out in the club plane will be donated to the Jerry Smith Scholarship Fund. He donated $200 today. Thank you Mike! There was also a $100 donation from Tom Young. We have the funds to award a scholarship. Any interested student pilot should submit an application. The instrument rating scholarship rules have not been finalized at this time.

The May 12th gathering will be Mexican themed potluck at 4 PM; motion by John Bailey, second by Ron Hook.

Volunteers are now needed for mowing. John Bailey has volunteered his son Jackson. Rory Lozano and Jerry Pfister also have volunteered. Some mowing may be scheduled during Tuesday workday.

Reminder: June 8-10 will be our fly-in/camp-out. Volunteers are needed. Secretary Phyllis White has submitted the event dates to several aviation event calendars.

Secretary White has located reasonably priced lodging near Air Venture at Father Carr’s Catholic Retreat. Donald Fisher and family, Tom Young and Tom and Phyllis White have reservations there.

Chase Foster, CFI is returning to the Ozarks the end of April. He will be available for instruction. He may be reached at 417 247-7965. Ron Hook, CFII is available for check rides and biannual flight reviews. Dr. Cross has moved back to Cox South Bone and Joint. West Plains Occupational (256-1460) is now available for Basic Med physicals as is Dr. Hill, Mountain Grove.

Seth Whittington has 42-43 hours now, almost ready for his check ride. Conway Hawn is also close. Jerry Fuller has not been available to fly the past few weeks.

Pat Storm, Ozark Aviators Flying Club President reported members John Bailey and Brent Humphreys have been flying the club 172. There may be a couple of shares available.

The April Chapter Video Magazine was viewed by those wishing to remain after the business portion of the gathering.

March 2018

March 10, 2018 EAA Chapter 1218 Sixty five members and guests of both EAA Chapter 1218 and MPA Chapter 20 enjoyed lunch potluck followed by announcements and a short business meeting.

President White thanked the cooks for the great variety of food. Ron and Sharon White were thanked for the $250 donation to the scholarship. We now have the full $2500 to award another scholarship. ABM is implementing a $2500 instrument rating scholarship; more info to come later. Jeff Ward and Scott Ward (no relation) are now pilots. Drew Adams has thirty five hours in and Seth Whittington is about ready for his check ride. Remember daylight savings time starts tonight/spring forward. John Bailey reported Ron Weldon had been in the hospital. Aircraft workdays will begin again on March 20. Tuesday will be the new workday.

The treasurer’s report is posted on the bulletin board. Minutes were received by email and are on the chapter website.

June 8-10 is our fly-in/camp-out. Volunteers are needed now for planning. John Bailey, Jerry Pfister and Pat Storm have volunteered so far. We need volunteers with fish cookers. Drew Adams, Benny Butler and Seth Whittington are available.

The April 14 gathering will be burgers and potluck sides at 4 PM. Cliff Kinkade will man the grill.

The executive board has approved the WSHS Alumni use of the hangar and grounds on May 25th . Also the American Legion Post will serve meals to approximately one hundred Legion Riders on June 22 and 23. They have agreed to provide the chapter with a percentage of the donations.

John Bailey, Vice President of the Ozark Aviators Flying Club announced the club is progressing thanks in part to the leadership of President Pat Strom. The club hangar will be open after the gathering if anyone wishes to visit the club plane.

Lisa Johnson, MPA Chapter 20 Secretary asked members where to schedule the April meeting. It was decided to meet Saturday, April 21st, Houston, location to be announced later. State Aviation Day is April 17.

Following adjournment, Phil Dixon and Grant Gilliam, FAA Safety presented a lengthy safety seminar.

Feb 2018

February 10, 2018

 Thirty two members braved the cold, blustery day and enjoyed the Italian potluck lunch before President Tom White called the short business meeting to order.

The cooks were thanked for the delicious variety provided.

A motion to approve the minutes was made by Tom Young, second by Glenda Ennis and approved by members. The financial report posted on the bulletin board was approved; motion by David Johnson, second by Pat Storm. We are close to having funds to award another Jerry L Smith Scholarship. We are just $250 short. Treasurer John Bailey reminded members that $20.00 dues are due. (Following the gathering, members Ron and Sharon White donated $250 to the scholarship.

Members are invited to Ron White’s 80th birthday celebration, Friday, February 16th, 6 PM.

The March 10th gathering will be potluck crock pot soups and chili served at noon followed by an FAA Safety seminar and Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award ceremony for Mike Pace. (The award ceremony for Mike Pace has been rescheduled for September 8th, 2018.)

Volunteers are needed for a workday to repair or replace the overhead door insulation. It will require an extra tall ladder if anyone has one available.

The newly organized Ozark Aviators Flying Club has a hangar and now owns Bill Newton’s 172. Officers are Pat Storm, President, John Bailey, Vice President and Conway Hawn, Secretary and acting Treasurer. Newest members are David Johnson and Brent Humphreys. John Bailey thanked Tom White for all of his hard work negotiating for the airplane and club hangar and Mike Ennis and Larry Johnson for completing the pre-buy inspection. If anyone has a spare air compressor, the club needs one. (Following the gathering, a new compressor was donated by Ron White.)

Members Jerry Fuller and passed his written, Seth Whittington his night flight and Jeff Ward and Conway Hawn are ready for their check ride. Tom Young has purchased a twin Beech Travel Air and John Armstrong a Piper Comanche. Also, area instructor John Reed has purchased a 172 to give instrument training. It is pleasing to see younger pilots and full hangars at Willow Springs.

The fly-in/camp-out is scheduled for June 8-10. The 2017 event expenses were $100-150 over donations but members felt money well spent. Success can never be measured in dollars and cents. Aviation excitement was generated, new members and pilots were acquired and guests voiced their desire to return in 2018.

Member Hannah Ennis Chatman, a school teacher in Poplar Bluff announced she is drafting a flight training scholarship to be awarded to a Poplar Bluff teen. She wishes to raise $5,000 through donations and fund raising activities.

Chapter member Drew Adams has been accepted into the Navy as an active member. He will being training as an aviation electronics technician this summer. Congratulations to Drew!

A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by Mike White and approved.

Jan 2018

January 13, 2018, EAA Chapter 1218 gathering with forty one members and guest Jeff Scott, Cherokee Village enjoyed chili, soup and desserts before President Tom White began the short business meeting. In attendance were several members that have been absent for several months. It was great to see so many there on a cold winter day.

The minutes were approved by motion Tom Young, second by Benny Butler. The financial report is posted on the bulletin board.

Chapter dues ($20.00) are now due. See Treasurer John Bailey or mail to P O Box 10, Willow Springs, MO 65793.

Thank you to the John Bailey family for the aviation themed decorating items donated. Thank you to Bob Brantley for the name tag holder made of a washboard. The magnetic nametags fit really well and both sides can be used.

The March gathering will include a FAA safety meeting. A Wright Brothers Fifty Year Safety Award ceremony may be held also for Mike Pace. More info will follow.

June 8-10, 2018 has been set for the annual chapter fly-in/camp-out. There will be no monthly chapter gathering that month. Volunteers are needed.

Due to the cold weather, Monday workdays have been suspended until after the February gathering.

The Texaco airplane collection on display in the bookcase belongs to member Berlin Batesel.

Members Jeff Ward and Seth Whittington have passed their private pilot certificate written exam. Member Jerry Fuller is taking his written later this month.

The area flying club is becoming a reality. The name is Ozark Aviators, Inc. with Pat Storm as president. Pat has worked really hard gathering information, drafting bylaws, setting meeting dates, communicating with the members and so much more. A FEIN has been received and corporation papers have been filed. Members are now searching for a Cessna 172 to purchase. The next meeting will be January 25th, 6:30 PM at the EAA hangar. Any interested parties are invited to attend.

The February gathering will be on the 10th. Noon Italian themed potluck with chocolate desserts will be served as an early Valentine celebration.

Benny Butler said EAA members receive a lot of benefits from their national membership including access to Solid Works computer-aided drafting software. You are able to create detailed parts drawings, patterns and more. Anyone wanting assistance or interested in training sessions, he would be willing to conduct them. He does caution the free download is large (14G).

Motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by Pat Storm and approved by members.

Hints for Homebilders videos at