Chapter 1218

Willow Springs, Missouri

December 2017 

December 9, 2017 EAA Chapter 1218 Annual Christmas Dinner; forty one members present.

A short business meeting was conducted by President Tom White prior to presenting the chapter awards. The cooks were thanked for the delicious variety of dishes prepared. Phyllis White was thanked for the festive decorations inside and out.

The January 13, 2018 gathering will be soup/chili potluck served at noon.


The next flying club meeting will be Thursday, January 4 th at 6:30. The club is hoping to locate a reasonably priced 172 or Cherokee 180 as the first club airplane.

2018 dues are now due: $20.00. (Mail to John Bailey, Treasurer, P O Box 10, Willow Springs, MO 65793)

Houston now has a credit card reader for fuel.

Mike Ennis reminded members of the jar for scholarship donations. There are a couple of area student pilots that could really use the funds when we collect enough to award a scholarship.

The Willow Springs Airport has a new sign. President White thanked Kent Nichols, Kent Nichols Signs for the graphics and Mike White, White Industries for the metal sign. John Bailey thanked Tom White for his persistence and determination to get a new sign up before year-end. The Bonanza airplane on the sign is representative of one of the most active early planes on the field owned by Frank Winters, Conway-Winters Shoe Factory of Willow Springs.

You never know who will fly in to any airport on any given day. Recently President White met a couple at the Willow Springs Airport. They were returning to Alton, IL from Gaston’s. Later the same afternoon, a Grumman Tiger also came in for fuel. The owner is a contractor for the FBI and his wife is a special assistant to the current POTUS. The weather was not cooperating for him to continue west so he spent the night at our Comfort Inn.

Saturday, December 2 the chapter once again participated in the Boy Scout Merit Badge University. Eight Scouts received their aviation badge. They received instruction in the badge requirements including a preflight by Matt Chatman and explanation of instruments with Benny Butler both in Ron White’s 150, Mike Ennis demonstrated control surfaces with the EAA Biplane, Jim Vokac with his spatial disorientation tools, Tom White with an airport tour, Tom Young discussed aviation career opportunities and Jim Vokac ended the session with the building and flying the model FPG-9 made from a foam plate. A special thanks to those pilots. (Several photos are on the chapter web page at

2017 Chapter Service Awards were presented to: Tom White, President, Tom Young, Vice President, Phyllis White, Secretary, David Johnson, Treasurer, Lisa Johnson, Web Editor and Newsletter, Berlin Batesel Technical Counselor and Ron Hook Flight Advisor. President White also recognized the Monday airplane builders for their continued efforts. The aircrafts built or restored by these members have generated most of the chapter funds over the years. In attendance for recognition were Berlin Batesel, Ronnie Epps, Bill Ghan, David Johnson, Sonny McMurtrey and Jerry Pfister. (Photos are on our Facebook page EAA 1218) Special thanks also go to these dedicated chapter members. All are invited to participate on Mondays.

Kitchen cleanup and conversation followed. Merry Christmas to all.

October 2017

Twenty-four members and guest Drew Adams attended the meeting.

Following the burger and brat cookout, President White welcomed everyone to the annual meeting.

The new chapter caps are available for  $15 each.  David Johnson has honey for sale at $10 per pint with two dollars of that going to the scholarship fund.

The annual election of officers was held.  The proposed slate of President Tom White, Vice President Tom Young, Secretary Phyllis White, Treasurer John Bailey, and member at large Benny Butler was announced.  Nominations were called for from the floor, none given.  A  motion to accept the proposed slate by aclimation was made by Sue L'Hommedieu, second by Ed Walker and approved by members.

President White asked bout skipping the Nov. meeting.  It was decided to have the meeting on Novemeber 4th at noon with soup and chili.  Kent Clotfelter asked to start the meeting with the pledge.

A work day is needed to clean the building.  Volunteers are Allan Rineman, Bob Coats, and Bill Ghan.  The workday will be October 16th at 9AM.

Bill Ghan took pictures at the June fly-in/camp out and sent a disk to Dale Schroder, one of our fly-in campers.  Dale expressed what a good time he had in a thank you note.

Pat Storm talked about the scheduled meeting at the hangar to discuss forming a flying club.  The preliminary meeting will be Wednesday, Oct 18th.  All interested parties are invited to attend.

Motion to adjourn by Bob Coats, David Johnson second.

Minutes were taken by Lisa Johnson, Secretary White was absent. 

May 2017 

May 13, 2017 EAA Chapter 1218 Executive Board Meeting President Tom White, Vice President Tom Young and Secretary Phyllis White present The June 10 gathering will be a FAA Safety Meeting.  Breakfast will be served 8-9 with the FAA presentation  to follow. The Springfield/Branson National Airport will host a ceremony to unveil the Jenny plaque June 14, 11 AM.  All members and friends are invited to attend. The Fly-In/Camp-out is scheduled for June 2-4.  Live music around the fire pit is scheduled for Friday evening.  Breakfast will be served both Saturday and Sunday.  There will be a fish fry on Saturday evening rain or shine.  Mike Vaughn has someone that will fry the fish and potatoes.  Members are encouraged to contact Tom White to volunteer for various duties throughout the weekend.  Call 417 252-0332. This week, President White received a phone call from the daughter of Lil Lulu's builder.  (Lil Lulu is the Starduster Too donated to the chapter by Kent Clotfelter.)  She sent a couple of newspaper articles and a nice note which will be posted on the chapter website.  This morning before the gathering Tom received a phone call from the person that purchased Lil Lulu from the builder and later sold it to Kent.

March 2017

EAA Chapter 1218 Executive Board meeting March 11, 2017 and Announcements

Present were Benny Butler, Tom Young, Tom and Phyllis White, Berlin Batesel and Ron White.

The next chapter gathering will be April 8, noon potluck.

It is about time to start mowing. President White will ask for volunteers during lunch.

A tentative date of June 2-4, 2017 has been set for our first camp-out fly-in. That date may change due to the airport maintenance schedule. Ideas discussed include pancake breakfast Saturday and Sunday, fish fry and bluegrass Saturday possibly at a fly out destination (Mike Vaughn volunteered Mountain View), bonfire and hot dog roast, lawn games, STOL competitions, bus tour to the area mills, etc. Member ideas are welcome and appreciated. President White suggests we asking area businesses for cash donations as sponsors. ABM (Benny & Cheryl Butler) and Young's Produce will each donate $100. We would only suggest donations from campers for meals.

Thirty five members attended the Italian potluck lunch. Several members volunteered for mowing. More will be needed later.

John Bailey said Bailey's would donate some fuel if we could get someone in with a T6 or such.

The chapter video magazine was viewed. Several found the hints for home builder's segment really informative.


Feb 2017

February 11, 2017 Pancake breakfast followed by three hours of FAA safety seminars.

Short executive board meeting followed: attending, David Johnson, Tom Young, Phyllis White and Tom White.
The March 11 gathering will be noon Italian potluck with chocolate desserts since we were unable to have our annual Valentine meal in February.
According to Kent at Springfield-Branson National Airport, the Jenny plaque has been ordered. No date set yet for the ceremony.
Approved hangar reservation May 27th for Phyllis White, 50th class reunion.
No date has been set for the campout due to scheduling airport resurfacing.

A movie Sunday afternoon has been scheduled for February 19, 2 PM. Sully will be shown. Bring your popcorn! The chapter is also purchasing “Living in the Age of Airplanes” narrated by Harrison Ford to be shown at a later date.
Hints for Homebilders videos at