Chapter 1218

Willow Springs, Missouri

Dec 2015

For our annual Christmas dinner on December 12, 2015, 53 members and guests dined on turkey, ham and all the trimmings. The cooks were thanked for providing the great meal.

The business meeting was called to order by President Tom White. A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved. Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report; motion to approve by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved by members. Annual chapter dues are due January 1, 2016.

Former chapter president Charlie Ward, Houston has donated his ultralight to the chapter. It was severely damaged in a tornado years ago. Millie Tausworthe has relocated to Mountain Grove. James Wiley thanked the chapter for the caring, generosity and support during the loss of his wife Pat. Don Nevels suffered a stroke early November but is making great progress.

The Springfield/Branson National Airport has agreed to purchase the Jenny project for $10,000. The chapter will reimburse Clint Allen $5,000. Moving day will be within the next 90 days. Volunteers are needed for the move.

After much discussion, observations of pet urine on the meeting room floor and comments from members, the executive board has made the decision to no longer allow pets in the chapter building. Pets on the grounds must abide by the city ordinance 205.290; no pets running at large. They must be on a leash.

On Saturday, December 5, another successful Boy Scout Merit Badge University washeld in the hangar. Members Benny Butler, Jim Vokac, Tom White, Phyllis White and Tom Young presented the required criteria to six area scouts. The highlight of the day was when member Ragan Callahan flew in with his Air Evac crew giving the scouts the opportunity to be up close to a working helicopter. Ragan and crew gave a brief overview of their duties. Each scout was also given an Air Evac pin.

The January 9, 2016 meeting will be a crock pot meal at noon; motion by Lisa Johnson, second by Kent Clotfelter and approved.

David Johnson reported the biplane project needs some parts. Sean Sweeney said he had an extra spinner.

The annual service award certificates and pins were presented to Tom White, President, Tom Young, Vice President, Phyllis White, Secretary, David Johnson, Treasurer, Lisa Johnson, Web Editor, Lindall Baker, Young Eagle Coordinator, Ron Hook, Flight Advisor and Clint Allen and Berlin Batesel, Tech Counselor.

Motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by Tom Young and approved.

Merry Christmas to all.

Nov 2015

November 7, 2015 

Forty-one members and guests enjoyed the Mexican themed potluck before President White called the meeting to order.  Guests were welcomed, the cooks thanked and Hannah Ennis was acknowledged for receiving her private pilot’s license. 
A motion to approve the minutes was made by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Hook and approved by members present. 
Treasurer David Johnson presented the financial report; motion to approve was made by Henny Christensen, second by Joanne Bailey Russell and approved. 
Member Doc Openshaw was given the Phil Schmidt watercolor raffled during the open house.  He also won a $100 fuel certificate from John Bailey, Bailey Chevy and GMC. 
Charter chapter member James Wiley lost his wife Pat on November 2. Our condolences are extended to James and the family. 
The latest issue of Sport Aviation Gone West column listed charter member Robert Harshman, Wasola, MO.  He passed away on August 31 but there was no local death notice.  A private burial was held at the Veteran’s Cemetery, Springfield. 
Bill Ghan and Clint Allen met with the Springfield Branson National Airport regarding the Jenny project.  The purchase has to be approved by their board but they do not foresee any problem as long as the Jenny is purchased from a 501c3 charitable organization.  President White said the agreement approved by the chapter executive members is Clint will sign the Jenny over to the chapter.  The chapter will receive $10,000 from the airport and in turn give Clint $5,000 to offset a portion of his expenses.  Clint would like a video continuous loop listing the names of the members who helped with the building project, the building of the Jenny and the test flights.  Clint said when we work together, we can do a lot. 
The next meeting will be our traditional Christmas dinner on December 12, 4PM.  Secretary White will plan the set menu, bake a turkey and ham provided by the chapter and members will bring the assigned sides and desserts.  A motion to approve the above was made by Bob Brantley, second by Sean Sweeney and approved by members. 
A thank you from the MPA for the poker run fuel prize was read by Secretary White. 
Bill Ghan displayed the hand tooled leather seat back for the Pascoe Bi-plane. It looks great, good work Bill.  David Johnson reminded members workdays are on Monday and all are welcome. 
Joanne Bailey Russell and Jane Bailey had several announcements of upcoming local events but all have now passed.   
A motion to adjourn was made by Joanne Bailey Russell, second by Henny Christensen and approved.

Oct 2015

October 8, 2015

Thirty-seven members and two guests enjoyed noon potluck chili and soup before the meeting was called to order by President Tom White. The cooks were thanked for the delicious variety of food prepared. New member in attendance James Schneider, Rolla, said he runs the wind tunnel at the Missouri University of Science and Technology if chapter members are interested in how students use it a tour could be arranged. Our guests were two pilots from Plano, Texas that had flown a corporate party in to one on the area hunting camps. Cleta Sweeney met them at the West Plains Airport and invited them to our meeting.

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved. David Johnson reported the $200 donation made by Sonny McMurtrey was missed in the September meeting minutes.

David Johnson gave the financial report. Donations during the open house included Phyl Howard in honor of Clint Allen and the Jenny project, John Bailey for fuel raffles, Phil Schmidt for the watercolor print raffle, Millie Tausworthe for the aviation related items donated to sell and to Ron White and John Good for the biplane shelves for raffle. A motion to approve was made by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Weldon and approved by members.

The open house was a huge success. Attendance was super, the chapter made money, the American Legion post made money, the One Week Wonder arrived as scheduled and the weather cooperated to allow so many aircraft to come in.

Charter chapter member Clint Allen was presented with the Spirit of Aviation award by President White for designing, building and flying the Jenny, NX2729J. In attendance were charter members James Wiley and Fred Kalhoefer. Clint said it would not have been possible without the members help. Henny has videos of the project for all members.

The MPA poker run is scheduled for October 17. John Bailey has donated $100 in fuel for the event. A motion for the chapter to donate $50 fuel for the low card drawn at Willow Springs was made by Lisa Johnson, second by Ron Hook and approved. Lisa and David Johnson have donated a honey basket as a Willow Springs prize also. Berlin Batesel will check with city hall about also making a fuel donation. The West Plains airport has donated two fifteen gallon fuel certificates. Sharon Vaughn said of the eight airports, so far Thayer is the only without a volunteer to hand out cards. Ron Weldon suggested maybe another airport instead of Thayer next time.

The annual election of officers took place with the same slate as last year except Clint Allen as Member at Large. With no nominations from the floor, a motion to accept the slate as presented was made by Benny Butler, second by Ron Weldon and approved. During the annual meeting, any major chapter decision is to be made at that time. President White suggests members think about for next year what would become of the chapter assets if the chapter dissolved. What other not for profit entity would members want to receive them. Also the chapter lease is due for renewal.

The November meeting is held on the first Saturday of the month due to the start of deer season. The November 7 meeting will be noon Mexican themed potluck or soup/chili, motion by Benny Butler, second by John Smith and approved.

A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by John Smith and approved by members.

Sept 2015

September 19, 2015 

By Phyllis White
Following a very successful open house/fly-in 33 members and special guests attended the business meeting.  Guests included Charlie Becker, EAA Director of Chapters and Kyle Voltz, EAA Chapters Administrator who flew in the One Week Wonder. Also present were watercolor artist Phil Schmidt and Joe McNeal, Ava Flying Club. President White thanked everyone for the extra efforts to make the fly-in a success, including mowing by Wendell Bailey, Ron Weldon and Ron White and workday crew members Hal Carter, Cheryl Butler, Tom Young, Jerry Pfister, Rory Lozano, John Good and Tom and Phyllis White.  The safety seminar presented by Tom Young was well attended.  A big thank you was given to Tom for stepping in to conduct the seminar.  Thanks to the American Legion Post lunch booth, the chapter members did not have to provide the noon meal.  Millie Tausworthe donated several of Jim’s aviation related items to do with as we choose.  Several items were sold for a total of $185.  John Bailey donated $100 aviation fuel to be raffled.  Phil Schmidt donated a matted and framed watercolor also raffled.  During the open house Charlie Becker presented the chapter with a new banner.  Charlie also presented Lisa Johnson with the National Chapter Web Editor 2015 award.  President White presented our Jerry L. Smith Aviation Scholarship to member Ronnie Epps. See the website for many photos and videos of the open house.  Clint Allen gave the Jenny the first official flight.  New member and friend of Clint’s Phyl Howard donated $100 to the chapter in honor of Clint and the Jenny.   
A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Mike Vaughn, second by Lindall Baker and approved by members present. 
Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report; motion to approve by Tom Young, second by Benny Butler and approved. 
President White reminded members the October meeting is the annual business meeting and to vote on any issues you must be a member of national.  One issue is what would become of the chapter assets if the chapter dissolves.  As a 501c3, advance arrangement could be made for the assets to be turned over to another local 501c3 charitable organization.  The October 10 meeting will be noon; soup/chili potluck and sides. (Motion by Benny Butler, second by Lisa Johnson and approved.) 
Charlie Becker spoke about some of the One Week Wonder components and about the Raspberry pi based ADS-B which will give you traffic and weather for less than$120.  You make it yourself in a couple of hours. An article on the subject by Tom Charpentier is available.  Charlie commended us on our amazing chapter hangar, one of the most impressive hangar facilities he has visited.  He said Paul Poberezney would be thrilled if he had visited our chapter and seen what we have done.  Secretary Phyllis White asked if there was a possibility of our chapter hosting a Sport Air builder’s workshop.  We do not actually match the criteria but since Charlie has seen our facility, maybe it could happen.  He said it would be possible if we did a single one such as sheet metal or fabric covering.  He and Kyle will make note to follow thru on that for us.   
A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by John Good and approved.  Final after open house cleanup followed. 

August 2015

By Secretary Phyllis White.
August 8, 2015 

Following the biscuits and gravy fly-in breakfast, thirty one members were present for the business meeting called to order by President Tom White.  The cooks were thanked for making the homemade biscuits and gravy, sausage and scrambled eggs.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for anyone to fly in.
A motion to accept the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Jerry Pfister and approved.  Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report; motion to approve by Henny Christensen, second by Bill Ghan and approved.  President White noted the chapter has a new to us Craftsman mower purchased or $325 including a grass catcher.
Ron White was thanked for mowing in July.  Phill Knott volunteered to mow in August.

Tom Young reported the open house plans are coming together.  Charlie Becker and The One Week Wonder is expected during the afternoon.  Ron Hook showed the items in the survival kit raffle backpack.  There is a recommended list on the chapter website.  President White said fall is coming; keep warmer clothes in the plane and some bottled water.  Clint Allen said he feels the most important survival kit items are a mirror, smoke bomb and rope.  The scholarship will be awarded during the open house.  Jim Vokac will set up the vertigo chair for the children’s activity area.  Lisa Johnson will be presented with the EAA Web Editor award at that time also.  A spruce up workday will be scheduled prior to open house.  There will be a short business meeting following the open house.   
Berlin Batesel reported the EAA Biplane is coming along, the plans have been checked and corrections made.  The fuselage has been straightened, rear empennage rebuilt and the landing gear rebuilt.  After a couple more workdays, the fuselage will be ready to cover and more hands will be needed.
Chase Foster soloed on Monday.  Sean Sweeney’s One Design project is complete.  He has a few issues to tweak.  There are pictures on the chapter website.  Thank you to Andy Goans for power washing the apron.  He plans to also do the sidewalk before open house. 

Clint Allen announced the slate of officers remain the same as last year except he will be member at large.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor during the annual chapter meeting in October.  He said the Jenny will fly soon then will be taken to the Walnut Ridge Museum.  He will sell the Jabaru engine from the Jenny.
Sandy Smith has listed her home and hangar.  It is on Trade A Plane for $1.2 million. 
A motion to adjourn was made by Scott Dinwiddie, second by Cliff Kinkade and approved.  The executive committee will meet with the scholarship applicants following the meeting.


July 2015

July 11, 2015, over one hundred were served during the Fly-In Pancake Breakfast and U.L. Chapter 115 Norfolk, Jim Davis, Passion Flights for Life flew local cancer victim Logan Welch.  Jim, a four time cancer survivor is flying cancer patients and victims in all lower 48 states to raise cancer awareness.  Our chapter was chosen to locate someone for Missouri, his 29th state.  He spoke briefly before our business meeting was called to order.  Jim said “if you are dying, don’t stop living and get an annual physical”.  He is an inspiration and you may follow his blog at

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Tom Young, second by Lisa Johnson and approved. Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report.  A $100 memorial donation from the chapter was made to the Jerry L. Smith Scholarship Fund in memory of Mark, Amy, Tanner and Elle Openshaw.  Motion to approve was made by Ron Hook, second by Benny Butler and approved by members present.  President White clarified an expense for roses.  He and Phyllis White planted them in front to the pilot’s lounge to replace the perennials that did not make it through the winter.  Joyce Breesawitz was thanked for pulling the weeds and spreading mulch also in front of the pilot’s lounge.  She plans to work on the Jerry L. Smith Parkway berm next.  President White thanked the cooks for all the hard work putting on a breakfast.  The traffic was great, $280 was raised and around twenty airplanes came in. 

V.P. Tom Young reported plans for the open house scheduled for September 19 are progressing.   Kent Nichols and Sean Sweeney volunteered to assist with the spot landing contest.  Highlights include Brian Morgan, FAAST Team will conduct a Wings Credit Safety Meeting during the morning and Charlie Becker with the One Week Wonder will arrive in the afternoon.   Aviation watercolor artist Phil Schmidt will have a display. 

President White appointed a nominating committee; Benny Butler and Clint Allen.  Officers present are willing to continue for the next year unless someone would like to volunteer as replacements.  The annual meeting will be held in October.

Congratulations to our chapter web editor Lisa Johnson.  She has been chosen as the 2015 EAA Web Editor.  The award will be presented during Air Venture 2015.

The August 8th meeting will be one more fly-in breakfast 8-10 AM.  This time President White will made homemade biscuits and gravy.  Also served will be sausage patties, scrambled eggs, juice and coffee.  Volunteers and cooks are needed.

As membership chairman for the Missouri Pilot’s Association South Central Chapter, President White was awarded the recruiter of the year during the annual convention.  The south central chapter was the only chapter with growth during the past year.

Lionel Smith is writing his third book “His Wind Beneath My Wings III” and has asked any pilots that have ever flown with him and would like to share any of their experiences with him and how it has affected their life, to please do so. He would also like group pictures.  He also plans to attend the August meeting.

John Bailey introduced guest Dwayne Nabors, Pomona.  He is a CFI but not actively flying at this time.  John also said Airport Manager Berlin Batesel attended the city council meeting.  The airport has their support.  Ron Weldon thanked the White family for their aviation support for the area. 
A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Young, second by Benny Butler and approved.


June 2015

Following the pancake breakfast, twenty-six members welcomed guests Wayne Dake, Mountain Grove, Jim Mourick, Mountain View and Dale Riden, West Plains.  Even with the unstable weather, the pancake breakfast was successful; $240 collected in the donation jar and five aircraft in attendance.  

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Lisa Johnson, second by Lindall Baker and approved.  Treasurer David Johnson’s financial report was approved; motion by Ron Hook, second by Jerry Pfister and approved.  Ron White presented the chapter with $300 from the Willow Springs High School Class of 55 to the scholarship fund.  Ron cooked for his class on May 24th and used the chapter meeting room for the function.  Phyllis White, Class of 67 also used the hangar and donated $35 to the scholarship fund.

President White extended a big thank you to Mike Ennis for the use of the man-lift during our recent workday, to   Lindall and Joyce who picked it up in Eminence and delivered it to Mountain View when finished, to Lindall for working from the man-lift to repair the storm damaged gutters, to Mike White, White Industries for donating the replacement braces for the gutters and to Joyce Breesawitz, Hal Carter, Bill Ghan, John Good, David Johnson, Rory Lozano, Jerry Pfister and Tom Young for the mowing and weed removal.

Words cannot express our sadness over the loss of Doc and Linda Openshaw’s son Mark and family in the aviation accident at their home near Huggins.  President White reminded members of the information on handling the media gleaned from the leadership conference he and Phyllis attended at Oshkosh.  Per EAA Communications Director, if in a situation with the media, give them about fifteen seconds; do not speculate on what occurred.  He suggested using the quote “our hearts and prayers go out to the victims” and leave the investigation to the authorities.

Members Ron White and Lindall Baker attended Jack Richardson’s recent auction.  Ron purchase thousands of rivets, bolts, photo button equipment and supplies and donated to the chapter.  Lindall purchased his shop crane to donate to the chapter.  Lindall also personally purchased Jack’s logbooks and plans to create a shadow box to display them.  It is great to have some of Jack’s things as keepsakes.  Clint Allen mentioned that he has taken some of Jack’s WWII things to the museum at Walnut Ridge.  It looks like five chapter members are planning a visit to Air Venture 2015.

Tom Young reported the 2015 Open House/Fly-In date has been changed to September 19 to accommodate an appearance by Charlie Becker with the “One Week Wonder” Zenith 750 built at Air Venture 2014.  Also attending may be the EAA Staff built Zenith 750 and perhaps another plane from the Zenith factory at Mexico, Missouri.  Tom said we are planning the theme to be “Safe and Sound Aviation Saturday”; more event plans will be announced later.  If you need a chapter shirt, Lynn Bentele has donated their shirts back to the chapter.

Saturday, June 6 Chapter #437, Jonesboro held their annual fly-in.  President White and Phyllis stopped by on the way home from another function.  It appeared it had been well attended.  The chapter president, vice president and secretary all made us feel welcome.  (BTW, when introduced to the chapter president by the vice president, he said we were the most active chapter he knew of in the Midwest!)  We had hoped to speak to Jim Davis, author of  He is an EAA member and four time cancer survivor from Mountain Home, Arkansas that has set a goal of flying his purple Zenith 750 to all lower forty eight states and everywhere he lands he plans to give a ride to a cancer victim.  He flew into Jonesboro on Friday after flying into twenty seven eastern states but was so exhausted, he did not make a public appearance.  Checking his blog later we discovered he had been placed in the hospital.  But, Jay Carter, Cotter, Arkansas flew in for out pancake breakfast and said Jim was home, doing well and planning his western leg of his journey.  It would be great to have him speak at a chapter meeting in the future.  Lisa Johnson has a link on the chapter website to his blog so members may follow his inspirational trip.

Ron White has volunteered to smoke meat for our 4th of July celebration.  Members and guests are  asked to bring complimentary side dishes, salads and desserts.  Homemade ice cream will also be made and hopefully Ronnie Epps will make his great apple pie.  More plans are in the works, some are the same as last year, just watch for e-mails with details.  

Yesterday, in anticipation of aircraft coming for our pancake breakfast and using the dirty pilot’s lounge, Joyce Breesawitz, Lisa Johnson and Phyllis White cleaned the building.  Earlier in the week, President White and Phyllis replaced the perennials in front of the pilot’s lounge that did not survive the winter with knock out roses. The shrubs and trees along Jerry L. Smith Way were also given a manicure.  Members are welcome to pull weeds along there any time.  Also yesterday, members David and Lisa Johnson and President White filled in for Mike Vaughn assisting Jim Joliff with Howell Valley School’s aviation field trip to the West Plains Regional Airport.  There were eighty students ranging from K-8 grade.  The students were broken into groups and four stations were set up.  Also assisting was Airport manager Jack Bowman, Harley Besher and Floyd Deidiker.  

Sandy Smith has announced her home and hangar are for sale.  She plans to advertise in Trade A Plane.  

The July 11 meeting will be preceded by another pancake breakfast 8-10 AM; motion by Ed Walker, second by Tom Young and approved.  Volunteers are needed to scramble eggs, flip pancakes and serve.  Fuel will be $4.90 for the day.

Berlin Batesel announced the Pascoe bi-plane workday has been changed to 9 AM Tuesdays.  Bill Ghan and John Good have volunteered to cover the tail feathers.  All members are welcome to assist. 
Don Nevel’s Pitts photos are on the chapter website (gallery page).  Check out the great paint job with the checkerboard and red, white and blue fan.  Bill Ghan thinks the biplane needs a paint job similar.  Benny mentioned he has a friend that does vehicle graphics.  He thinks that would be a great way to cover an aircraft.  Member Kent Nichols has a graphics business in Salem.  He does excellent work.  Check out photos on his Facebook page Kent Nichols signs.

Ron Hook asked members to contact their congressman regarding the Pilots Bill of Rights.  It is in committee now and they do not think it is going to pass.  He encourages all members to contact their congressional representatives.  A simple, easy way to do that is click on the announcements link on our chapter website to contact our area congressmen.  When you click it, you should be connected to your area congressman.  David Johnson said he had just read that the prediction is only a five percent chance of passing at this time.  Contact your congressman to make a difference.  Lindall Baker said the response he received from Roy Blunt was rather neutral.  Roy has a lot of influence. 

A motion to adjourn was made by Ron White, second by Benny Butler and approved. 

May 2015

May 9, 2015 
Thirty-nine members and guests enjoyed Mexican themed potluck at noon.  The chapter video magazine was viewed before President Tom White called the business meeting to order. 
Scott Dinwiddie was congratulated for obtaining his private pilot’s license recently.  Scott said his daughter now has 10 hours toward obtaining her ticket.  Tom White gave her a Young Eagle ride last year and she was hooked.   A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Lisa Johnson, second by Ron Hook and approved by members.  Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report; motion by Ron Hook, second by John Good and approved by members present.  There are sufficient funds in the Jerry L. Smith Scholarship Fund to award another $2500 scholarship.

A workday to repair some winter weather damage and grounds work will be Tuesday, May 12 at noon.  Volunteers are Lindall Baker, David Johnson, Hal Carter, Bill Ghan, John Good, Cliff Kinkade, Rory Lozano, Ron White and Tom Young.  We will borrow a man lift to reach the guttering and exterior light. 
We have mowed three times; now we need someone for the rest of May.  Lindall Baker and Joyce Breesawitz volunteered.

Tom Young reported that Open House is scheduled for September 12, “Aviation Safe and Sound Saturday”.  Plans include paper airplane building for kids, pilot spot landing contest, Legion lunch wagon, and Ron Hook is making survival kits to raffle.   We should make a profit on them. 
Charlie Becker, EAA Director of Chapters wants to set a date for the One Week Wonder.  He may try to come during Zenith, Mexico, MO open house June 18 or on a meeting date.  We could possibly work it in with a pancake breakfast on another Saturday.  Mike Vaughn asked if our Open House was out of the question for him to come then. Charlie’s note said he would like to set it up in conjunction with Mexico, MO or another date.  President White will call Charlie next week to confirm plans.  

 Lindall Baker suggests having a monthly pancake breakfast to give the airport exposure, more involvement in the pilot community and to attract new members.  John Bailey said we need to be a friendly airport.  When Ron, Tom and Mike prepared breakfast the pilot community really enjoyed it, but they had no time off.  Volunteers will be needed to accomplish a successful event.  Members John Bailey, Wendell Bailey, Lindall Baker, Kent Clotfelter, Bill Ghan, John Good, David Johnson, Rory Lozano, Ron White, Tom and Phyllis White and Tom Young said they would be interested in helping.  It will not take all volunteers each time.  After some discussion, the first breakfast will be in conjunction with the June 13 meeting.  Pancake breakfast will be 8-10 AM with the business meeting to follow.  The chapter will provide the food and ask for donations to cover the cost; motion by Wendell Bailey, second by Ron Weldon and approved by members.  We will evaluate after three months. 

Phyllis White would like to use the hangar for a 48th class reunion on May 23.  There was no objection.  The chapter usually receives $35 for each use.

Joanne Bailey Russell announced that member Jack Richardson will have an auction, planned date is May 18.  Jack had a lot of aviation tools and airplane parts.  President White and a couple of other American Legion members visited Jack last week.  President White told him he would bring him some Sport Aviation magazines and he seemed to still relate to aviation and he still has his sense of humor.  He remains in the Willow Care dementia unit.

Ava Summer Fest will be May 23.  Last year the airport was a big participant with food and airplane rides.  After checking with members of the Ava Flying Club and the Summer Fest website, the festivities do not include the airport.  Ron Weldon said last year was very successful but for some reason another group got involved and they are not ready this year.  Ron said we would not have to worry about flying Young Eagles that day.  He also said he would like to have some airport festivities later in the summer with Young Eagle rides and member volunteers.

Mike Vaughn announced the MPA will have a fish fry, Thursday, May 21st, 6 P.M at the Vaughn’s hangar, Mountain View.  Guests welcome.

Rory Lozano said he is making progress with the flight simulator.  He will show members how to utilize it.

A motion to adjourn was made by John Good, second by Clint Allen and approved.


April 2015

April 11, 2015

Forty-three members enjoyed brats and potluck before the meeting was called to order by President Tom White. Cliff Kinkade was thanked for being our grill master and the cooks were thanked for the great potluck sides provided for lunch.

Member Scott Dinwiddie now has his private pilot’s license. The website looks great thanks to Lisa Johnson’s hard work. Send any news to her for timely publication.

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved. Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report. $65 was raised for the scholarship fund by the Wright Bear raffle. Member Hal Carter won the raffle and gave the bear to Ragan Callahan’s daughter. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Hook and approved. The scholarship fund now has enough to award another $2500.00 scholarship. Applications may be mailed to the chapter hangar address.

We need more member commitment before trying to schedule a Young Eagle rally. Ragan Callahan, Ron Weldon and Tom Young volunteered to be added to the pilot list. New ground crew volunteers are Cheryl Butler, Joyce Breesawitz, David and Lisa Johnson, John Good, Kent Clotfelter, Sue L’Hommedieu, Jerry Pfister and Ed Walker.

Plans are to start up the Pascoe biplane project soon. At first welding and adjustments to the plan will only require 2-3 members. Later on members are encouraged to assist with fabric, stringing cables, etc. A work schedule has not been established yet. More info will follow.

The building has some winter snow/ice related damage that will require a man-lift. A workday will be scheduled when the man-lift is available. Volunteers are Lindall Baker, Berlin Batesel, Cheryl Butler, Hal Carter, David Johnson, Jerry Pfister and Rory Lozano. The air compressor motor also will need to be worked on. Following the meeting Berlin Batesel will need help removing the damaged motor to send for repair.

Tom Young, open house committee chairman reported the team members will get together after the chapter meeting to work on setting the date, theme, etc.

It is mowing season again. Lindall Baker, David Johnson, Cliff Kinkade, Rory Lozano and Ron White volunteered. Perhaps each person could take a month unless there are so many volunteers it would work out to a couple of weeks at a time. Ron Weldon said he would volunteer also when available. Berlin Batesel will roll the field. After Memorial Day when the hay has been cut we may decide to mow the sod runway. Willow Springs is the only area airport for practicing sod landings. Volunteers are welcome to use the chapter mower and trail mower or bring their own.

There will be no time for the chapter video magazine due to the aviation apps comparison presentation by Lindall Baker.

A motion was made by Benny Butler, second by Tom Young for the May 9 meeting to be Mexican themed potluck at 4 PM. Joanne Bailey Russell announced Jack Richardson’s son will be holding an auction May 10.If the chapter is interested in any aircraft parts, tools to contact them prior to the auction. Jack had been working on photo buttons of the Young Eagle pilots to give after a flight. Hopefully those will be located. Jack is in Willow Care.

Joanne also reported there will be no fireworks at Pomona July 4th.She said Eleven Point may continue with their display for Willow Springs. Jane Bailey asked that the chapter have a presence during the 4th of July parade, whether it is with a float or finding someone to portray the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart and any other aviation related characters. She also announced the Star Theater will be presenting a free monthly movie beginning May 1, 6:30 PM. The Outlaw, directed by Howard Hughes will be shown. It was Jane Russell’s first movie. One future movie will be a silent movie. They are always looking for movie suggestions. Perhaps an aviation related movie will be in the future.

Rory Lozano thanked Henny Christensen and Phyllis White for the donations to the simulator. He now has a new video card and a second monitor.

Following the business meeting, Lindall Baker gave his presentation on comparing aviation apps. A copy of his findings was emailed to members following the meeting and can be found on the chapter website under Member Articles.





March 2015

March 14, 2015 

Thirty-nine members and guests had potluck lunch before the meeting was called to order by President White. A portion of the chapter video magazine was shown.

The cooks were thanked. President White remarked that he thought the Irish potluck served in March was the reason for low attendance but once again attendance is low and no Irish meal. New state directories/maps are available. Thelma Batesel is home following knee replacement surgery. The Wright Flyer bear will be raffled next month. President White is extremely grateful that his son Jamie is safely home from Kuwait.

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Benny Butler and approved.

Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report. We now have enough in the Jerry L. Smith Scholarship Fund to award another scholarship!

Open House chairman Tom Young was absent so there was report.

Young Eagle Coordinator Lindall Baker asked what pilots would be available to fly Young Eagles during the upcoming months. Requirements include carrying $100,000 passenger liability per passenger which EAA will bump to one million during a Young Eagle event when EAA receives the proper event insurance request paperwork prior to the event. Pilots must also be a current EAA national member, hold a pilot certificate, valid medical certificate, be current in the aircraft, have a current flight review and the airplane must be in airworthy condition. Pilots Larry Johnson, Lindall Baker and Tom White will be available to fly Young Eagles. David Johnson said he would provide an attractive rental rate to anyone using his 150 during a Young Eagle rally.

Lisa Johnson is doing a great job keeping the new website updated. There is a link to the Pilot’s Bill of Rights. All members are encouraged to contact their congressman through the link. You do not need to be a pilot to send your sentiments to congress.

Member projects: Lindall Baker’s Murphy Rebel is moving along. Berlin Batesel’s Luscombe is about ready to fly again. Ron Hook has the left wing and fuselage ¾ finished. Clint Allen purchased a 310. He said 3 people could travel 1000 miles at $500 per person in it. Mike Noonan is still signing checks to Caruthersville. Wendell Bailey said he is unable to open his hangar door to his 182. He has owned it since 1972 and now is unable to locate the logbooks.

The April 11 meeting will be noon brats and potluck; motion by Henny, second by Lisa. Lindall Baker will give a short software overview program on ADS-B in and out.

Jane Bailey reminded members the 4th of July, 2015 is on a Saturday and urged members to participate in the annual parade.

A motion to adjourn was made by Lindall Baker, second by Mike Noonan and approved. 

Feb 2015

February 14, 2015  
Forty- nine members and guests enjoyed the sweetheart’s lunch of Italian potluck and chocolate desserts.  The chapter video magazine was viewed.
President White called the meeting to order.  The cooks were thanked for the delicious meal.   
A motion to approve the minutes was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved.  
 Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report; motion to approve was made by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Hook and approved. With the recent memorial contributions for Pauline Plummer, Sandy Smith’s mother and Eva White, Ron and Tom White’s mother, we are close to being able to award another Jerry L. Smith Aviation Scholarship. 
On behalf of the White family, President White thanked the members for the cards, flowers and kind notes.   Mike and Sharon Vaughn also expressed the same sentiments following the loss of Mike’s mother Fern.  Henny Christensen said four chapter members recently lost a parent and the chapter did not send flowers.  She made a motion to transfer $25 from the chapter to the scholarship fund in each instance of loss since January 1, 2015.  Going forward the $25 contribution will be for the loss of a member, member parent, spouse or, child.  A second was made by Tom Young and approved by members present.

 New web master Lisa Johnson displayed some pages from the new chapter website.  Members are encouraged to register in the member’s only section.  Once registered, you may submit a profile photo, your bio, etc. The new site is very user friendly.  Lisa has added several sections of interest including chapter projects, member projects, photo gallery, and calendar of events, scholarship information, and much more.  If you have suggestions she may be contacted at   Phyllis White suggested adding a classified section for aviation related items for sale or wanted to buy such as Tom Young’s house and hangar for sale at Gimlin.   Check it out at    Thank you Lisa for spending so much time and doing such an outstanding job.   
The annual National Biplane Fly-In will be held June 4-7 at Junction City, Kansas.  Check the announcements section of our website for a link to the fly-in. 
President White asked if members were interested in having an open house again this year.  Our first was the dedication in 2006 and he and wife Phyllis will be turning over the planning for the next one to others.  He suggested members Henny Christensen, Ron Hook, David and Lisa Johnson, and Tom Young as committee chairman set a date early and begin making preliminary plans.  Other members present that showed interest in the chapter continuing with an open house were Cliff Kinkade, Jerry Pfister, Jim Vokac and Ed Walker.

The March 14, 2015 meeting will be general potluck lunch at noon with the business meeting to follow. 
Chapter flight advisor Ron Hook gave a short but very informative presentation on the silent killer carbon monoxide poisoning.  Symptoms include foggy thinking, drowsiness, nausea and headache.  The December 2014 issue of Sport Aviation has a good article on the subject.  He showed a good carbon monoxide tester, the CO-EXPERTS 2015 by Aeromedix, retails for about $149-199 and may be mounted anywhere on the panel. He feels the paper detectors are worthless. He also suggested all members should have a first aid kit and a survival kit readily accessible to the pilot and passengers.  A list of suggested items may be found on the chapter website under member articles/flight safety.  Henny Christensen suggested we obtain a tester as a raffle item for open house.      
Henny was thanked for converting the aviation vhs tapes donated by former member Al Grant to DVDs.

Lindall Baker spoke about the FAA’s ADS-B correction stating that experimental aircraft do not have to have a TSO device.  What was required for about $2400 will now be available for $800 on sale. 
A motion to adjourn was made by Lisa Johnson, second by Henny Christensen.  Several members remained after cleanup to view the video provided by Henny “60° North at 500 feet.


Jan 2015

January 10, 2015 
Forty-six members and guests enjoyed the noon crock pot potluck meal and viewed the chapter video magazine before President White called the business meeting to order.   The cooks were thanked for the delicious variety of dishes.  Guests and members were welcomed.  It was good to see the Baileys and Openshaws who have not been with us lately.  New members Mike and Glenda Ennis and their son James Ennis were welcomed.  James received his pilot’s license in August with only 21 days from solo to check ride. Also joining the chapter were Carl Risner who came with Fred Kalhoefer, Chris Patillo, Clint Allen’s neighbor and Chuck Sandford.  Chuck has been to meetings in years past with Bill Newton.  He is building a Mustang II.

Members Sandy Smith and Ann Hook recently lost their mother and Joan Bailey Russell her daughter.  Our condolences are extended to them and their families.  A thank you card was received from the Robert Jones family for our participation in the Boy Scouts Merit Badge University.  Sean Sweeney’s One Design has been certified.  Now, it will be disassembled and moved to the hangar in West Plains and be painted.  Sue L’Hommedieu visited recently with charter member Lynn Ahrnsbrak.  He is doing well.  She also talked to Bill Newton and reported he is still actively flying.  Congratulations to member Mike Pace on his nomination to the state Highway commission.
Old business:
A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Jerry Pfister and approved.
Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report; motion to approve by Henny Christensen, Lindall Baker second.  The gun raffle netted $700 since Ron White donated the rifle.  It is time for annual chapter membership dues ($20.00).

New business:
Member Wendell Bailey spoke about S.O.A.R. (Southern Ozarks Alliance for Rural Development) which covers a ten county area with the lowest income and least education.  Mike Ennis and Sharon Vaughn are also members.  They have been working on accessible, high quality vocational education in such fields as robotics, advanced manufacturing, mig/tig welding and other twenty first century fields.  The February 14 meeting will be noon, sweetheart’s lunch with Italian potluck with an emphasis on chocolate for desserts, motion by Henny Christensen, second by Bob Brantley.

Safety note:
President White and Ron Hook were discussing the silent killer (carbon monoxide in the cockpit) article in Sport Aviation.  This time of year, be more aware.  There are detectors available for $99 that works well.  There was discussion about the reliability of the little cards available.  President White joked the 170 has enough fresh air coming through with all the air leaks, no chance of carbon monoxide.  Also keep in mind when flying in colder weather, remember a heavy coat or blanket and a safety kit in case of an emergency landing that may cause you to spend a cold night with your downed airplane.

Motion to adjourn was made by Ed Walker, second by Benny Butler and approved.

Hints for Homebilders videos at