Chapter 1218

Willow Springs, Missouri

Dec. 2014

December 13, 2014
Fifty-nine members and guests participated in the traditional Christmas meal. The November chapter video magazine was shown. The segments were of interest and enjoyed by all in attendance.
President White called the meeting to order. The cooks were thanked for the excellent meal.
A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved by members.
David Johnson gave the financial report; motion to approve by Henny Christensen, second by Tom Young and approved by members. 2015 dues are now being collected. President White expressed thanks once again for the chapter’s $500 travel expense donation toward the EAA Leadership Academy attended by Tom and Phyllis White. Several topics covered that weekend will be presented to the chapter in the coming months. We expect The One Week Wonder to visit the chapter sometime during 2015.
A thank you “for letting us provide food during your open house” note from the American Legion Post was read.
Twelve Boy Scouts received their aviation merit badge Saturday, December 6 during the merit badge university. Chapter members instructing were Lindall Baker, Joyce Breesawitz, David & Lisa Johnson, John Good, Jim Vokac and Tom & Phyllis White.
Winner of the gun raffle was Johnnie White, formerly of Jonesboro and owner of Stoney Point Farm, Willow Springs (formerly owned by Bill and Mary Marx). He was one of the first to purchase tickets. Just to be clear, he is not related to any chapter 1218 members. Ron White announced he was donating the gun therefore all ticket sales went to the Jerry L. Smith Aviation Scholarship Fund. Phyllis White said if in the future we want to sell raffle tickets at any area Wal-Mart, we must get our name in months in advance. We were not able to get in Wal-Mart but she was able to sell tickets during the American Legion Veteran’s Day luncheon. Also Ron Weldon took tickets at the last meeting and sold several out of town.
The well crafted airplane bookshelves built by Ron White and John Good were not raffled during the open house 2014. It has been decided to save them for open house 2015.
Annual chapter national award certificates and pins were presented to Chapter President Tom White, Vice President Lindall Baker, Secretary Phyllis White, Treasurer David Johnson, Young Eagle Coordinator Lisa Johnson, Flight Advisor Ron Hook and Technical Counselor Berlin Batesel.
A motion was made by Lisa Johnson, second by Ron Hook to have chili, soup and crock pot dishes at noon for our next meeting January 10, 2015.
A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Noonan, second by Benny Butler and approved by members.

Oct 2014

2014-October Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2014 meeting postponed from October 11. 

Twenty-nine members and one guest dined at noon before President Tom White called the annual meeting to order.
Photos from the recent EAA Leadership Academy attended by Tom and Phyllis White were shown including a photo of the Home Builders Hall of Fame plaque with Bill Ghan’s name on it. The October video magazine was shown including the STOL competition at Air Venture featuring Bobby Breeden. Ron Weldon said he had visited with Breeden at a Gaston’s gathering. The cooks were thanked for lunch. Member Chuck Hiett is recovering from an auto accident the first of the month.
A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved by members present. Secretary Phyllis White gave the financial report in the absence of Treasurer David Johnson. A motion to approve as reported was made by Henny Christensen, second by Don Nevels and approved. We have sold enough rifle raffle tickets to pay for it but need to sell more for a profit for the scholarship. President White asked for volunteers to sell tickets in front of a Wal-Mart or local grocer. Bill Ghan volunteered to sell at Mountain Grove Wal-Mart on November 8th. There were no other volunteers.
The annual meeting is the election of officers. President White read the slate of officers and asked for nominations from the floor. There were none. Ed Walker made a motion to elect the slate as read by acclimation, second by Bob Coats and approved by members. Henny Christensen said we need to have a group photo of the officers at the next meeting.
Some of the information gleaned from the leadership academy was covered. The head of public relations, Dick Knapinski spoke regarding media coverage of an incident. He cautioned chapters if there is an incident, to not say a lot. The news media wants about a 9-12 second clip and he suggests we say “our hearts and prayers go the families involved for the loss and we will leave it up to the authorities to determine what happened”. We will have his complete presentation at a future meeting. We are on the list for the One Week Wonder (Zenith 750) which will be touring this coming year. They plan to go to Mexico, MO of course and hopefully w will be their next stop. Of the chapters represented, 1218 is doing a lot of things right. More info from the academy will be shared at future meetings.
The FAA ruling 90-116 regarding the second pilot in an experimental during the first ten hours was discussed. Ron Hook said that also allows for instruction.
Secretary White read an e-mail from Ben Rushing, Louisiana that purchased the Hiperbipe from the chapter. He and his wife are planning to be in the area next weekend and hope to see some members at the airport.
Due to the late October meeting, members voted to skip a November meeting; motion by Mike Noonan, second by Ed Walker and approved by members. The next meeting will be the holiday meal, December 13th, 2PM. Secretary White will contact members with a set menu for items to bring.
Rory Lozano said he had been dealing with difficult people where he works. The contrast between them and coming to chapter meetings where everyone is pleasant and wanting to accomplish something working together, makes him appreciate us.
A motion to adjourn was made by Ed Walker, second by John Smith and approved by members.


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