Chapter 1218

Willow Springs, Missouri

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Thu. 7/19 All day Anniversary John & Joyce Smith
Wed. 8/1 9:00 PM Anniversary David and Lisa Johnson
Fri. 8/3 All day Birthday Benny Butler
Thu. 8/9 All day Birthday Jean Pascoe
Thu. 8/16 All day Birthday Fred Kalhoefer
Fri. 8/17 All day Birthday Jerry Pfister
Mon. 8/20 All day Birthday Tom Bentele
Thu. 8/23 All day Anniversary Bill & Barb Easley
Sat. 8/25 All day Birthday Jack Richardson
Mon. 9/3 All day Anniversary Mike & Kay White
Sat. 9/8 12:00 PM Gathering and Wright Bros. Pilot Award for Mike Pace
Sun. 9/9 All day Birthday Jim & Judy Vokac
Tue. 9/11 All day Patriot Day
Mon. 9/24 All day Birthday Lindall Baker
Wed. 10/3 All day Birthday Sharon White
Sat. 10/6 All day Anniversary Berlin & Thelma Batesel
Sun. 10/7 All day Anniversary Pat & Margie Gates
Fri. 10/12 All day Birthday Brent Humphreys
Sat. 10/13 All day Anniversary Doc & Linda Openshaw
Fri. 10/19 All day Birthday Pat Gates
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 Chapter: EAA 1218

 President: Thomas White

 Phone: 417-233-1218

 Address: 810 Bryan Street, Willow Springs, MO 65793-3475

 Location: South Central Missouri, USA

 Email:  [email protected]


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