Chapter 1218

Willow Springs, Missouri


The March meeting will be held on Saturday, the 10th at noon.  There will be a potluck soup and chili meal.  Following lunch there will be a Wright Brothers 50 year safety award presentation for Mike Pace, and an FAA safety seminar.

Proposed Flying Club

If you are interested in joining a flying club, you can forward any questions to Pat Storm at or 417-259-1823


New Caps are available to purchase.

New chapter caps available $15.
Blue, Lt taupe, Olive and Brown leather like.  Visors also available.

Contact Us:

 Chapter: EAA 1218

 President: Thomas White

 Phone: 417-233-1218

 Address: 810 Bryan Street, Willow Springs, MO 65793-3475

 Location: South Central Missouri, USA



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